New Delhi: The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) will be providing support to Pakistan for implementing renewable energy solutions.

A delegation from TERI, that has been talking to Pakistani officials and NGOs, will be visiting Pakistan from December 21, TERI said here Wednesday.

Pakistan Punjab chief minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif has invited the delegation for a dialogue with senior officials and other stakeholders in Lahore to identify renewable energy based solutions and facilitate their implementation. It will spend three days in Pakistan working with departments and agencies of its Punjab provincial government, TERI said.

“The time has come for all the stakeholders in India and Pakistan, and, in fact, all South Asia to work towards close and good neighbourly relations. It is only then that we would be able to develop solutions to our common problems of poverty, hunger and take the countries of the region towards healthy and sustainable growth,” said TERI director general R. K, Pachauri who is leading the delegation.

Pakistan has been facing acute power problems and has been in an active dialogue with the Indian government on the possibility of a power supply arrangement from India’s northern grid to Pakistan Punjab.

Pachauri will also be delivering this year’s Quaid-i-Azam Lecture titled “Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development in South Asia” organized by the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics on Dec 21 in Islamabad, the TERI statement said.

Source: IANS