Nail art
Nail art (Photo: Wikipedia)
New Delhi: Celebrate Christmas by painting your lips red and flaunting nail art for the winter festival.

Makeover expert Aashmeen Munjaal doles out tips for Christmas look:

Face: First apply the primer according to your skintone. Create a sheer base to avoid cakey look. If you are going for a day party, apply sunscreen.

Cheeks: Choose colours like strawberry or plum, for your liquid rouge to be applied on your cheekbones.

Eyes: Try white or pearl white colours for eyes. You can apply vanilla or pearl white eye shadow.

Lips: Strawberry colour is best for your lips during this festival.

Nail art: Leave aside star and Santa Claus designs. Gifts and different kinds of candies can be used as nail art designs. Nail piercing is also in trend. You can pierce your nails and hang stars or candies or gifts or bells.