Hollywood Actress Eva Longoria at Cannes (Source: Wikipedia)
Hollywood Actress Eva Longoria at Cannes (Source: Wikipedia)
Miami: Eva Longoria was obviously irritated by a joke that said the actress would play, among other roles, the mother of Cuban actor William Levy in a telenovela on Televisa.

Though the supposed news story turned out to be a joke, the actress apparently did not take it that way, judging by her indignant rebuttal on Twitter, in which she denied the report.

“Latin Post IS responsible for inaccuracies! U should check ur sources Melissa Castellanos before printing. And now REPRINTING! Idiots,” the actress wrote on her official Twitter account.

Longoria was talking about several local media outlets that published news stories echoing the original joke, which spoke of a contract for her to make several telenovelas in Spanish with Televisa, a company headed by Jose Baston, said by showbiz reporters to be her new boyfriend.

According to the gossip, Longoria would play the part of the wicked Maria Rubio in a new version of the telenovela “Cuna de Lobos”.

“How can people make stuff and print it? Not one word of this is true! Even has fake quotes from me!” complained the Texan actress, who won fame in the TV series “Desperate Housewives.”

Source: IANS