New Delhi: One in every 10 murders in the capital is sexually motivated, according to Delhi Police data.

The number of murders declined slightly in 2013 with 487 cases, compared to 504 in 2012 – a downfall of 3.37 percent. But 10.68 percent murders occurred because of sex related issues.

Analysis of motives in murder cases in 2013 revealed that 20.74 percent cases were due to sudden provocation or trivial issues, 16.02 percent were due to old enmity, 10.27 percent cases due to differences in the family, and 11.07 percent due to disputes over property.

While 10.68 percent cases were related to sex issues, 8.42 percent of murders were crime related.

Of these murders, 76.18 percent cases have been solved, police data revealed.

Source: IANS