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Wars Solved No Issues between India and Pakistan: Omar


Jammu: Wars between India and Pakistan did not solve any problem in the past nor would any conflict do so in future, said Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah Saturday, adding prosperity of people in the two nations depends only on peace.

Abdullah expressed satisfaction that routine life have resumed in Indian villages, particularly in Vijaypur and Samba areas in Jammu region, that were affected by firing on the international border a few months ago.

Addressing a public meeting in Vijaypur town, the chief minister expressed hope that relations between India and Pakistan will improve, and stressed all issues can be settled only through dialogue.

“Wars in the past have never solved any problem and will not solve any issue in future,” he said, referring to the three wars fought by India and Pakistan.

Abdullah also said his government has equipped people with effective legislation to identify corrupt officials and seek their punishment through independent institutions established in the state in the last five years.

“To curb corruption has remained our first target. We brought historic initiatives to empower people to be important players in achieving this goal,” he said, citing laws like the Public Services Guarantee Act, Right to Information Act, re-constitution of the state accountability commission and the establishment of the state vigilance commission.

“These institutions were established to make government functioning transparent, give good governance and ensure time-bound service delivery in basic amenities providing sectors,” he said.

Asking people to utilise the laws to help curb corruption, he said the government’s aim was to bring functioning and functionaries under public scanner.

People can question every government department about its performance, financial transactions, tender allotment, besides demanding services in a fixed time frame.

“Some 80 basic services from 13 departments have been brought under the ambit of the Public Services Guarantee Act to be delivered to consumer in a fixed time frame,” he said.

Any official who delays or fails to deliver these services in a fixed time frame is liable for a fine, which shall then be given to be affected consumer, he said.

Source: IANS