New Delhi: India’s success story is waiting for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to come to power, party president Rajnath Singh said Saturday.

“The Indian success story is not over, it is waiting for the BJP to come to power,” Rajnath Singh said while inaugurating the BJP’s national council meet.

Accused the Congress of stopping the BJP from coming to power, he said: “Congress’s policy is to use a shield to stop the BJP from coming to power.”

He reiterated that “foreign elements” were also trying that a “strong government is not formed” in India.

“Probably they think if the strong BJP government comes, Congress will be out of power forever.”

Rajnath Singh also said the BJP was working to fulfill Mahatma Gandhi’s dreams.

“Congress is using Mahatma Gandhi’s name but has abandoned Gandhian philosophy. BJP is the party working on Gandhi’s principles,” he said.

The BJP president also lashed out at Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar for his “tea vendor” comments, saying it reflected feudalistic mentality.

“It shows the Congress’s feudal mindset. BJP is a democratic party. Even a tea vendor can become the prime minister and a farmer can become the party president. In Congress, only a particular family has the right to the post of prime minister or it decides,” he said.

He also took on Congress president Sonia Gandhi, who had said the BJP has a “divisive ideology”.

“Sonia Gandhi said we want to divide India. It is her prime minister who said Muslims have the first claim to resources in India. We do not divide people on basis of religion,” he said.

Rajnath Singh also criticised Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for his comment that Narendra Modi as prime minister would be “disastrous” for India.

“Has Manmohan Singh done anything for the country? Gujarat is prosperous under Modi, so will be the whole country,” he said.