Aden: A total of 12 Indian sailors have been missing since their cargo ship sank off the coast of Yemen’s Hadramout province, authorities said Saturday.

The cargo ship, registered in Hadramout, sank off the coastal City of Shehr, leaving 12 Indian sailors missing, Xinhua quoted Yemen’s centre of security media as stating on its website.

According to a local government official, “merchant ship No. 1626 owned by a Yemeni businessman fell while transporting trade materials and commercial goods near Hadramout’s coast”.

“We have sent rescue boats and asked coast guards in the area to help in the search for the missing Indian sailors,” he added.

Last year, the Yemeni defence ministry said, it seized an Iranian cargo vessel while it was smuggling weapons into a Yemeni fishing boat near the Bab el- Mandeb Strait off the Red Sea coasts.

Source: IANS