Bardoli (Gujarat): Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi Saturday attacked Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, saying the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate ran a pro-rich government in the state.

“We (the Congress) want to give power to people. Here only one person has any power,” Rahul Gandhi said at a rally here.

He said: “In Gujarat, the government is only for rich people. Only five to six people run the entire government.”

Asserting that the state needs a government for the poor, the Congress leader said: “Many small enterprises have shut down. Here only one person is empowered and no one else, that is the difference between us (Congress) and them (BJP).”

“They (BJP) take the entire credit for development of the state. This state needs a government for poor people. We talk about removing poverty, but they remove poor people,” Rahul Gandhi said.

Taking a dig at Modi for his claim of making it big from being a tea vendor, Rahul Gandhi said: “Somebody makes tea, some drive taxi, some work in farms. We have to respect everybody. The tea vendor, the farmers and the labourer. But one who makes a fool of people, should not be respected.”

Source: IANS