New Delhi: Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj Thursday questioned if the Telangana statehood bill was formally introduced in the Lok Sabha, saying it did not happen as long as she was in the house.

Sushma Swaraj also said it was a part of “design” of the Congress.

An Andhra Pradesh MP expelled from the Congress for opposing Telangana’s formation Thursday used pepper spray in the Lok Sabha and disrupted its proceedings.

“Whatever happened today crossed all limits. It is not only unfortunate but shameful and Congress is responsible for it,” Sushma Swaraj told reporters after the incident.

“The ruckus started before the speaker came, Congress MPs clashed and were at blows. And then something was sprayed… MPs started coughing,” she said.

“I feel it was a part of the design. Government wanted ruckus…”

She said the bill was not introduced as long as she was in the house.

“Because until I was in the house, they had not even read an ‘I’ of introduction. I was in the house for a long time. I wanted to sit even after they used the spray, but marshals told me the gas can be harmful and I should leave. I don’t know when the speaker came, when the bill was introduced,” she said.

The leader of opposition also questioned why the bill was not mentioned in the list of business.

“All I can say is as per parliament tradition, papers are laid at noon, after that legislative business is taken up. Papers were not laid because it takes time. Some people had given notices to oppose the introduction. It was not in the list of business, there was no supplementary agenda,” she said.

Source: IANS