Mumbai: Union Minister Farooq Abdullah Thursday lamented the behaviour of some lawmakers who were creating unprecedented ruckus in parliament, saying “How low have we fallen, my heart bleeds”.

The new and renewable energy minister was speaking at a function organised by a think tank. He released two research reports on solar energy.

As the parliamentary developments led to outrage nationwide, Abdullah said: “What is happening in parliament today is not India.”

He said his heart bled and he felt distraught seeing lawmakers using pepper spray, hurling chairs and indulging in uncouth and boorish behaviour in parliament.

“A human being is considered to be god’s highest creation. But, what happened today shows that man is probably his lowest creation,” Abdullah said.

Urging that it was “time to look inwards”, he said it was heart-rending how people fight over religion, with each claiming to hold one’s faith superior.

“According to me, people who indulge in such antics and do not respect other faiths have no love or respect for the nation. Only if you respect each other’s religion, you can love your country,” he said.

On energy, he said: “Solar energy is the future not just for us but for the entire world.”

He urged mankind to take stock of what it has done to the planet, and how it has forgotten to take care of Earth, failing which there will be no place to live in future.

Source: IANS