Kabul: Afghan President Hamid Karzai has said his country’s policy of keeping good relations and deepening mutually beneficial cooperation with China will not change.

Karzai told visiting Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi that the government and the people of Afghanistan are satisfied with the growth and deepening of their relations with China over the past few years, and treasure the bilateral ties, reported Xinhua.

Wang, who arrived here for an official visit Saturday, said he made the visit in the crucial year of Afghanistan’s transition to convey that China attaches great importance to relations with Afghanistan.

China will continue its policy towards Afghanistan and firmly support the country’s political reconciliation and reconstruction, Wang said.

He hoped that Afghanistan will realize a peaceful transition and make continuous progress in political reconciliation and reconstruction.

In a separate meeting with Rangin Dadfar Spanta, Karzai’s national security advisor, Wang said security cooperation has become a major part of the strategic cooperative partnership between the two countries.

Noting that this year is crucial for Afghanistan’s transition, Wang said the development in the situation of Afghanistan has a direct bearing on the fundamental interest of the Afghan people and regional peace and stability.

“China firmly supports Afghanistan to realize a smooth transition and hopes Afghanistan’s general election will go ahead smoothly as scheduled. China is willing to keep close communication with Afghanistan and work hard to facilitate Afghanistan’s political reconciliation.”

Source: IANS