Singer Jewel
Singer Jewel (Photo: Wikipedia)
Los Angeles: Singer Jewel says her music career never relied on her appearance and is grateful that her fans have accepted for what she is.

The 39-year-old is glad that it’s her voice and not her face or body that made her successful, reports

“I’m pretty lucky. I don’t feel my career has ever depended on how I look, necessarily. Certainly in this industry I’m photographed a lot and I’m on film a lot, but I think my fans have always loved me for who I am,” said Jewel.

“It’s weird, I never thought a snaggle-toothed, big nosed girl from Alaska would be considered ‘hot’. But I enjoy it, especially as I’ve gotten older. I’ve just gotten more comfortable in my skin and I wouldn’t trade what I’ve gained in my ageing for what I had in my youth…that insecure, scared feeling,” she added.

Source: IANS