London: After dual sim, this was inevitable – a dual smart phone that works both sides.

While main screen works as a normal android phone, second screen on the reverse can help you read emails, send text messages and post on social media.

Developed by a Moscow firm, YotaPhone would be the first to be available in the US when it goes on sale later this year, before hitting Asian markets.

“Yota devices have proved that there is an antidote to the always-dark smartphone screen,” Vlad Martynov, CEO of Yota Devices was quoted as saying in media reports.

Yotaphone has a special low power rear screen for showing emails and text messages which is always on.

Readers can also read books and newspapers on rear screen.

The 5-inch main AMOLED screen works just like a normal Android handset.

The 4.7-inch low power second screen give the handset’s battery life a major boost – giving 50+ hours of battery life when reading on the always-on display.

Source: IANS