New Delhi: Fancy a submarine sandwich with astonishing options of sauces and breads catering to the Indian palete with a blend of exotic fusion? A Canadian sandwich chain is offering you just that at its first Indian outlet in the national capital.

Mr. Sub also offers you Asian flavors like Indonesian sambal sauce and some from further afar – like a Mexican patty. It also enables you explore an achari chicken tikka and choose from chipotle bread to five grain bread, among others and from kasundi mustard to much, much more. This international chain work closely with local chefs to provide a balanced and exotic taste.

Mr. Sub is especially known for its freshly baked bread and cookies, healthy ingredients and customizing each order with different bread and sauces options to the customer’s satisfaction.

” We want our customer to enjoy the food without worrying whats inside and trying to create a happy environment for the customers,” Arnav Saluja, Chairman of Beverly Food & Beverages that has brought the brand to India, told IANS.

“Our menu has been 95 percent customized for Indian market, keeping local tastes in mind,” he added.

The brand hopes to establish 30-45 outlets in the Delhi-NCR region by the end of March 2016.

Travelling the different path, Mr. Sub has come up with some hot and spicy fillings like spicy sambal veggie/chicken meat balls and curried soya. The Indian-Indonesian fusion is evident in the sambal sauce with red paprika. Its spicy taste makes it a not-to-miss sandwich. The pizza sub is another must have sub for non-veggies.

“Giving what the customer wants is the main mantra. My experience in the hospitality business make me understand the India palate and we are trying to give a Indian taste to our customers with some blending” Beverley CEO Arun Chopra told IANS.

One USP of the outlet is the Mr. Sub secret sauce – you guessed it right, full of ambiguities!

Apart from submarine sandwiches they also convert the 6-inch subs into salads and into a wrap experimented with spinach. To make your child feel special, the outlet also servers special kid meals that include potato paneer patties and pizza subs.

This October Mr. Sub is planning to come up with more varieties like corn and oat patty for veggies, as also Moroccan chicken and lamb for the non-vegetarian palete as it now serves only chicken and turkey.

Founded in 1968, Mr. Sub has around 305 outlets in Canada.

Source: IANS