Bhabani Mohanty’s Message to Youth Via His Debut Book “Flicker of Hope…Rejection to Rejuvenation”

Flicker of Hope...Rejection to Rejuvenation
Flicker of Hope...Rejection to Rejuvenation

Bhabani is a strong proponent of “when going gets tough, tough gets going”. He currently works with Think Talent, which is a specialized firm focused on developing future leaders and build talent pipeline to provide competitive edge to organizations.

Bhabani is a management graduate. After fourteen years of corporate experience in organizations like Murugappa Group, Oracle India & Novartis; he moved on to provide his expertise in larger arena not limited with organization boundary.

Both his life philosophy “when going gets tough, tough gets going” & belief in “virtue of giving than receiving” had been narrated in a simple, yet powerful story telling fashion in his book using Karna’s life.

He is a first time author, but believes in the value of expression. He had tried his hands on writing articles, poems and short stories. They were published through different mediums and widely acknowledged.

His book “Flicker of hope…Rejection to Rejuvenation” is written to inspire future generation on how to nurture one’s life against difficult circumstances and come out winner.

“Flicker of hope…Rejection to Rejuvenation” is about celebrating the life of an Individual, who had fought against all odds throughout his life. In a sense, this story is nothing new. However, the representation of the story brings a new flavor and direction for the readers.

World has changed. Complexity has increased. Pressure to succeed at any cost has also increased. Today’s generation has become impatient and restless. With opportunities galore, they seem to be confused. They face huge challenge while managing rejection, because of early success in life.

Radheya’s story deal with issues today’s generation faces. Through his life story, “Flicker of hope…Rejection to Rejuvenation” provides some tips on how to overcome the mental and emotional challenges.

Let Flicker of hope…Rejection to Rejuvenation brings tranquility in your life.

The book will be hitting the stores soon…