Bhubaneswar: The Odia community of Australia will be meeting again after 2 years keeping the tradition strong for the new generations to continue. OriozInc, the Association of Odias in Australia, began this tradition of organising national gathering every second year with the aim of fostering and strengthening the bond between Odias who call Australia home, temporarily or permanently. These biennial national gatherings are called Sammilanis, with a name given to each one with the theme. The name of the 8th Sammilani which will be held on 25-27 March 2016 is Aarohana, symbolising the upward journey of the community since 2005 when it formalised itself with registration of Orioz Inc.

Mr Sujeet Jena, President of Orioz says that, the Odia community of Australia are very proud of themselves for investing in building a single Odia community in a large country such as Australia. Like the last Sammilani in 2014, this time also members from Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory – Canberra, New South Wales and Queensland will come together for 2 days, showcasing Odia art, culture and traditions.

Hundreds of members of the community will meet at the Maroochy Waterfront Camp and Conference Centre in the Sunshine Coast region. The 2 days of the gathering is packed with both group and individual activities such as a river cruise, group dances, sole performances and health talks. A special cook has been engaged to recreate all the Odia dishes that would bring back the memories from back home.

Dr Manoj Nayak, the Executive Advisor of Orioz says this Sammilani will live upto the name of AAROHANA and will focus on the young generation who are brave enough to grow up with multicultural values but are still choosing to keep their unique Odia identity.