As like other George Lucas’s Masterpieces, The Rogue one: A Star Wars Movie has a lot of expectations riding over its Shoulders. The franchise has been carrying down a Legacy of nearly four decades now. But does this movie, like many of its predecessors, live up to its highly anticipated conjecture?

The story starts with the Empire hunting down one of their best scientist, Galen Erso (Mads Mikkelsen), who was helping them build a super weapon that could be used to destroy a whole planet! Sounds familiar? But, the scientist comes to know about the true intentions of the Empire and the destruction his weapon could cause in the universe. His wife gets killed, but his daughter, Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones), escapes.

While Galen is forced to complete the super weapon, affectionately called The Death Star, his daughter, with the only object of survival, wanders off in the galaxies and is caught by the Empire in an unrelated, petty issue with a different identity. Galen sends a secret message to his daughter, via his old friend, Saw Garrera (Forest Whitaker), with an intention to fowl the plan of the Empire and bring down the whole evil operation. The rebellion, which is an “Allies” organisation that determines to save the whole universe, then comes to the rescue of Jyn in the sole purpose to find his father and destroy the Death star. Now it’s up to Jyn, captain Cassian (Diego Luna) of the rebellion and their allies to save the universe from the Empire and their evil leader, Lord Darth Vader. Our favourite villain is at it again!

The film ups it ante with every passing minute and starts living up to the immense expectations of every movie lover while leading down its path to become yet another classic engraved in the history with the other Star Wars’ magnum opus. It was a beautiful surprise to see a change in the action sequence of the movie with the help Donnie Yen, who adds his amazing martial arts fighting techniques alongside the traditional jedi combats and the rebellion warfare. Although some of the tactic encounters seems like the same old stuff, they serve different purpose this time making it less tedious. On the other hand, Darth Vader, as always, urges your inner self to scream while he performs awesome Saber moves.

The most wonderful component of this movie has been the character build up with awesome attributes, two to be specific. Donnie Yen as the blind Chirrut Imye and the sarcastic, amusing Droid, K2-SO. The film is beautifully constructed around the witty one liners of K2, which are apt and sarcastic at the same time.

Technically, there is no match to the impeccable visuals this movie provides with its breath-taking locations and eye popping VFX. Moreover, the movie is in 3D format, which is just like the cherry on the top a delicious cake! The Fantabulous music of John Williams is sure to be missed, but the lovely oeuvre of the Oscar winning Michael Giacchino makes up for that. There has been speculations about the period which the movie belongs to, it may safely be admitted that it is a prequel to the original sequel that came way back in 1977, Star Wars episode IV: A New Hope.

The movie has a lot of Easter eggs of various sorts but we don’t want to spoil it for the Star Wars fans! For example, small mistakes can be observed in some of the explosion scenes – How are the debris, after the explosion in space, falling downwards when there’s no gravity?

The movie has been undoubtedly one of the most desirable action sci-fi movies of 2016. Our verdict to the movie would be four stars out of five. If the review is put in one sentence, we would say, “The Force is strong with this one.”

(Content and photograph contribution by Sandeep Hati)