GodFather – Movie Review


It was the year 1993, a young charismatic boy with little knowledge about the film industry entered its premises. It has been more than two decades since the name “Siddhant Mahapatra” is ruling Ollywood. With the same charisma and his heroic image, Godfather released in the theatres this week. In the evening of New Year, the Godfather crew held a premiere at Sriya Talkies. Along with the star cast every other member related to the film had come. But did the movie pan out as the audience had expected?

Audience seen outside the Theatre

Odia movies have changed a lot through the ages and have come a long way since then. Godfather defines a great change about the Odia film industry. The camera quality has turned into excellent and the cinematography of this movie is inexplicably good. The plot of the movie explains something simple yet beautiful. They haven’t complicated the movie with many twists and turns but the execution was clearly lacking at some points.

Audience seen outside the Theatre

The movie was accurate at some extension, excepting that they have used slow motion shots quite a lot in the movie. Some were required and some really were not. The two debutantes introduced in the movie did a good job, but couldn’t conceal the fact that they were first timers. Dialogues were pretty nice and the audience loved it a lot, which to the fact were packed to full. The music of the movie got us quite in a mixed feeling. They were very good at times when they were really needed, but a little ordinary all other time around. The background music seemed to end abruptly at some moments, so was the fate of some scenes.

The plot of the movie defines that, an orphan working out a small restaurant, is taken to shelter by a kind hearted, good Samaritan. He is loved throughout by the people because of the good work he does for them. The people treat the man a little less than God but more than a father, thus the title “Godfather”. The film also exposes the dark side of the film industry, where innocent girls, with a dream to be an actress are exploited by wrong and fake people claiming to be from the film industry. As to the speculation of the movie being related to the real Godfather movie from Hollywood or the adaptation of Ram Gopal Varma’s Sarkar, the movie is really not related to any of those and showcases a very different story line from them, which is quite a spectacular thing in Odia industry, where every other movie Is copied down from the South.

People seen in queue to purchase the movie ticket

The movie carries away in a steady pace, unfolding scenes and making progress. However, some scenes had no explanation to begin with and left the audience baffled with confusion. The acting of all the veteran actors was superb and everyone felt really in character. The most loved character was the step mother. Comedy in the movie is not its strong suit and the movie could have been fine without it.

The film showcased some good heroic and iconic scenes with catchy hook line music. It was nice but sometimes it overpowered the dialogues and felt unnecessary. The real improvement of the movie could be felt with all the sets they have used in making this, one of the big films in 2017.

Overall, Godfather passes on to be a good film for the Odia film industry to begin the year with. Our verdict for this movie would be 3 stars out of five. Please go to the theatres to see the movie and have a Happy New Year!

(Content and photograph contribution by Sandeep Hati)