Bhubaneswar: Friday the 13th is always considered as an unlucky day. But it was not the same for the Odia film industry, because on the same day, two promising flicks have been released under the famous banners of Sarthak Production and Shree Movies Production.

This week, clashing in the theatres are Babushan Mohanty and Sidhant Mohapatra with their two recently released movie “Dil Deewana Heigala” and “Tumaku Dekhila Pare” respectively. Both the movies had their premiere at Shriya Talkies on 13th January, with the actors present. One of them is a clear winner. Let’s find out who it is:

Actor Babushan Mohanty seen during the Premiere of Dil Deewana Heigala

Dil Deewana Heigala
Much has changed since the evolution of Odia movies, but the stunt and the coordination in fighting sequence still remain childish and this movie is the prime example of it. The suspension cord during the fighting sequence was clearly visible making it look unprofessional. The movie had good situational comedy and current Odia dialect which seemed to be the favourite among the common audience. The dialogues were nicely written and were appropriate. The acting by the main lead actor, Babushan, was appreciable and the scenes were perfectly carried out. However, the female lead wasn’t up to the mark and could not carry out her performance well. The movie resembled Kamal Haasan-Sridevi classic “Sadma” and the story was not its plus point. However, the other aspects of the movie were good and the location that the movie was shot in was extraordinary. The story of the movie follows as a struggling singer, orphaned from childhood, who stumbles upon a damsel in distress chased by goons. (classic, isn’t it?). He then saves the girl and shelters her in his house till the time they mature a bond between them and realize that they are in love with each other. The action sequence could have been done without and there was too much of intentional camera shakes to add thrill and the sense of confusion. The only thing it did was confuse the audience, but not in a good way. The climax completely surpasses the movie and is beautifully shot. The movie teaches us a good message about modern love.
Our verdict: 3.5 stars out of 5.

Audience seen outside the Theatre

Audience seen outside the Theatre

Tumaku Dekhila Pare

This movie is one of the kinds, where it looks good on paper but is a disaster on screen. The story of the movie is very sensible and up to the mark, but the execution was floppy and shallow. The movie is based upon the values in a family and the importance of its relationship. Siddhant Mahapatra had the role of the big brother, but it wasn’t his finest performance. The only appreciable performance in the movie was of Naina Dash. The acting of the lead couple felt pretentious and overly done. The movie had a good attempt on CGI, but couldn’t execute it properly. The locations used in the songs of the movie were really nice and could have been used better, in a different way. It used many clichéd scenes and dialogues that seemed to be the trademark of cinema. The dubbing of the movie was bad and different lip sync was clearly noticed. The first half of the movie looks a little blatant, but picks up pace in the second half and seems interesting for a bit. The real put off of the movie was copied background score from different movies, such as the song Chaahat music from the movie “Blood Money“. Our verdict: 2.5 stars out of 5.

Actors Jhilik Bhattacharjee, Buddhaditya Mohanty and Sambeet Acharya during the Premiere of Tumaku Dekhila Pare

So, the winner of this battle of movies is “Dil Deewana Heigala“. Please go to the theatres to watch your favourite movie, this Makar Sankranti!

(Content and photograph contribution by Sandeep Hati)