Republic Day Bollywood Movie Battle

Republic Day Bollywood Movie Battle: Wednesday January 25

Bhubaneswar: The race for the Best Movie on this Republic Day has begun with a bang. Movie clashes always get more excited when both the sides are loaded with worthy contestants and this January, “Kaabil” and “Raees” have already blown the trumpet for the battle of being the first big movie of 2017. Both of the movies have similar genre of crime-drama, but their flavours are completely different. Hrithik Roshan has already fought a tedious battle for the number one position last year on the Independence Day with Akshay Kumar which crashed miserably in the box-office. But this time he has come stronger than ever with a better product and a much better story.

Shahrukh Khan’s portrayal of Gujarat Mafia Don “Abdul Latif” in the movie Raees was earlier scheduled to be released on Eid last year, but was postponed to avoid the Clash with Salman Khan’s “Sultan”. However, his movie could not stay away from clashing with kaabil. Let’s see which movie emerged victorious in this Combat.


This movie is the prime example of how an ordinary story could be told in much interesting way. Sanjay Gupta, the director of the movie, has completely changed the definition of storytelling – in an innovative way that is completely unexpected. The character portrayal of every actor has been so flawlessly done that it never seemed a bit exaggerated. Everyone was perfect for their part.

One of the best thing about Indian cinema is their enormous colourful sets and eye catching direction. This movie was blessed with beautiful visuals and obvious but beautiful VFX. Execution of an action-thriller movie contributes into a lot of planning and meticulous story design. This movie has gone through a lot of effort to illustrate the lifestyle and forethought of revenge by a blind man. The movie managed to depict it realistically.

Much speculation was made before as to the movie being completely similar to the Marvel’s superhero TV series and comics of “Daredevil”. But speculations were the only thing they were as the movie turned out to be completely different from the story of a comical Hero; and it’s saga of saving the city from bad guys. This movie is a personal Vendetta tale of a man losing his family to the power and corruption of the system that runs our country. The movie has used metaphor and symbolism beautifully for the acts that justifies the course of the movie. The music composition of the movie was also a point that defines its ascend towards success.

This movie drags the tumbling career of Hrithik Roshan to the right path after the previous failure.

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Since the dawn of independence in India, Gujarat has been declared as a dry state. Raees proclaims the story of a common youth hailing from Fatehpura who changes the history of illegal liquor trade in Gujarat. The movie is loosely based on the real life Gangster “Abdul Latif” who eventually had the monopoly in the liquor trade in Gujarat. However the movie has undergone some very large alteration for dramatisation.

The movie boasts a retro-look of Modern India, post-Independence and justifies it completely with its intricate detailing. The storytelling of the movie by the director Rahul Dholakiya is very intense and grasping. The first half of the movie is filled with narratives and slowly paving the way for the main plot. The second half of the movie is where all the action starts and makes the movie really exciting. However, seeing the conception, it purely seems just as a story written for the purpose to produce an entertaining movie. The same realistic angle wasn’t properly given to the action sequences of the movie as it seems flamboyant and a little high above the bridge.

The movie had already created a lot of buzz and controversy. The movie was tied in the middle of controversies between the recent Uri attacks and the female lead cast of the movie being given to a Pakistani actor, Mahira Khan. It faced threat of being boycott in Maharashtra by MNS, who demanded the production house of the movie to donate 5 crores to the Indian Army. The other allegation Raees faced was for glorifying the lifestyle of a mere criminal. Despite of facing odds, Raees was successfully released in theatres across the country.

The actors in the movie have done a commendable job. Particularly, Nawazuddin Siddique’s role, filled with sarcasm and wit, proved to be a plus point and a treat for the audience.

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Republic Day Bollywood Movie Battle: Wednesday January 25

(Content and photograph contribution by Sandeep Hati)