Imperial Blue Superhit Nights – Salim-Sulaiman Live in Bhubaneswar


Bhubaneswar: Janta Maidan hosted the immensely talented and popular musical duo Salim-Sulaiman for the Season 3 of the Imperial Blue Superhit Nights and Sandeep Hati from got an opportunity to be a part of that sensational musical evening on February 4. Propitiously, he got an opportunity to have a quick word with the Merchant brothers and asked them a few questions. Here are the excerpts of the same.

Question: What’s the main agenda for this sensational concert tonight?

Salim: We are very grateful that all of you could join us today and we are very fortunate for being able to perform in Bhubaneswar for the third Season on Imperial Blue Superhit Nights. We have already done 4 concerts all over India with it and the main agenda here is to promote music at foremost. We don’t just perform on dancing songs, but also sufi songs, patriotic songs, romantic songs, etc. Basically we want to touch the cord within every person who likes music and we have a wonderful team, a lovely band. Also accompanying us is Vipul Mehta, the Indian Idol winner 2012, Bhoomi Trivedi, (Indian Idol Runner-up 2010) and the young Bollywood sensation Raj Pandit. All the three are excellent singers but haven’t had more chance to showcase their talent. So, with this concert, we are giving them a chance and this is made possible by Imperial Blue.

Question: You have been in the music industry for 25 years now and have been composing and performing in live concerts. Which of the two you enjoy the most?

Sulaiman: See, without composing there’s no concert. Making music is already in our blood. So, that comes first. But performing live is special, as it comes with different feelings and emotions all together. Seeing so many people coming to see us perform, laughing, enjoying, that’s something we don’t experience while making music in the studio. So, both are special to us.

Question: What do you feel about sufi songs?

Salim: Devotional music has been in India since ages. Bhajan, Kirtan, Naat Sharif, Hymns… All these give the music a cosmic feeling and whenever we blend the devotional feeling with a commercial song, it becomes immortal. That’s why Indian audience love devotional, sufi songs so much.

Question: What if you get a chance to produce music in Odia film industry?

Sulaiman: Arey, we have come here with the hope that some producer might spot us and give us a chance!

Question: Tell something about your upcoming projects…

Salim: That’s a great question you asked. There’s one upcoming project of ours, which is not a commercial picture per se, it’s an indie film. The name of the Movie is “Poorna” and it’s about a small girl of 13, from the state of Telangana in India who became the youngest person to climb the Mt. Everest. It’s a great story and we composed the music for it. It’s directed by Rahul Bose and is releasing this March the 31st. We’d request all of you to go and watch it in the theatres.

And after this interview, both darted out with a lot of enthusiasm to perform well acclaimed songs including ‘Aye Khuda’, ‘HauleHaule’, ‘Shukran Allah’, ‘Ainvayi Ainvayi’ and ‘Bang Bang’ and casted a spell on the whole city with their wonderful music.