Shopping Spree before Raja Festival


Bhubaneswar: With only two days to go before the three-day Raja festival begins, women in the city are seen thronging to clothes and accessory stores for shopping.

Since the festival is dedicated to womanhood, fashion stores across the city are offering heavy discounts and attractive items to woo women.

Stalls selling sweets and fruit also do a roaring business during the festival.

The most important festival of Odisha, Raja festival is associated with farmers and is celebrated during the onset of monsoon.

Also known as ‘Mithuna Sankranti’, Raja falls on the first day of the month of ‘Asadha’ (June-July) from which the rainy season starts. No agricultural activities are carried on these days, as per the tradition.

Women also get a break from household work during the festival days, during which they enjoy indoor games.

The festival holds special significance for girls and newly-married women. Besides putting on new attires, they enjoy the swings and munch on sweetmeat and delicacies.

With Raja being synonymous with swings, girls are also seen crowding around hammock vendors. The rope and plastic ones are the most popular.