Adhara Pana Offered to the Deities in Puri


Bhubaneswar: The rituals of offering Adhara Pana was hosted on the three chariots for the deities (Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra) on Wednesday after which they took rest on their chariots throughout the day.

It is believed that the deities are tired with the journey during Bahuda and then when they also got ready to give their devotees a special darshan of their ‘Suna Besha’, they become extremely tired.

The “Pana” is made of a mixture of milk cream, cheese, sugar, banana, camphor, nuts, black pepper apart from various herbal plant extracts, including tulasi that are blended into the drink.

The beverage is then filled in nine earthen pots. The pots are long cylindrical shaped so that they reach the height of the deities’ lips. The deities are offered three pots each. After consecrating, the pots are smashed right there on the chariots, so that the drink flows all over the chariot.

Thousands of devotees had gathered outside the temple, near the parked chariots of the deities, to witness the event on Wednesday.

The event is conducted on the eve of Niladri Bije (return of deities to sanctum sanctorum) that is scheduled to be held on Thursday.