Girls across Odisha Observe Kumar Purnima


Bhubaneswar: Young girls on Thursday celebrated Kumar Purnima with a wish to get a perfect life partner.

Across the state, girls wearing new clothes chanted prayers to invoke the Sun and the Moon deities.

The traditional Odia festival of Kumar Purnima is celebrated on the full-moon day of the Asvina month on the Hindu calendar. Kumar is an alias of Lord Kartik. The girls through worship try to appease him, as he is considered to be the most handsome of all gods.

In the morning, a handful of water, along with flower petals, known as anjali, is offered to the rising Sun. In the evening, a special prasad named Chanda, made of bananas, cottage cheese, grated coconut and flowers, shaped in the form of a crescent, is offered to the full moon.

The fast is broken in the evening after worshipping the Moon.


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