Women Observe Holy Month of Kartika


Bhubaneswar: Kartika, considered as the holiest of all months is the most awaited time of the year in the Hindu calendar for elderly women, particularly widows.

This year, the month began on October 06, and women were seen swarming to Bhubaneswar to live at religious hostels for the entire month so that they can carry out special rituals associated with the month, called Habisha.

As per the tradition, those who observe the habisha or the Kartika brata renounce a number of vegetables such as different varieties of gourds, brinjal, a number of pulses and other leafy vegetables for the whole month.

They take the prasad cooked in Lingaraj temple or prepare curries out of sweet potatoes, coconut and only a few pulses.

The rituals will be observed for the entire month that continues till November 04.