How to Keep a Long-distance Relationship Going


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Keeping the long‐distance relationship going is always hard. There is one great difficulty ‐ you have to be a part of each other’s lives. There are some minor events, like little troubles at work that most of us don’t even notice. But when you share these moments with your loved one, you become closer to each other.

Another big problem of the long‐distance relationships is the inability to sort things out with your partner. You can’t calmly discuss the situation and make peace after a quarrel if there are a few hundred miles between you. Your partner may ignore calls and messages, and you’ll not be able to talk to her in person. So it’s likely that each row may be the last.

Sometimes couples lose mutual trust at a distance. After all, there is no way to check whether your loved one is cheating. In many ways, the trust in the relationship depends on the individual behavior and on person’s jealousy.

Statistics show that a lot of relationships at a distance fail because of men’s psychological and physiological needs. Women are more loving, faithful, and romantic by their nature, so they are better prepared for long‐distance relationships.

It’s difficult to determine the maximum amount of time people can live separately, without endangering their relationship. There are couples, who still love each other after 20 years of relationships, and there are those who sleep in separate beds already after two years of living together.

How to succeed in long‐distance relationship?

The most important part of successful relationships at a distance is planning your future life together. Do not hesitate to make plans and discuss your future meetings. And, of course, don’t forget about romance. There are many ways to tell your girlfriend that you love her. Send her
flowers, candies, souvenirs, or order a romantic dinner for her. You can also prepare a romantic surprise, for example, a date on Skype.

Sometimes couples who live together can’t express their feelings, but for those who live separately, it’s even harder. Many of us don’t understand the importance of daily communication. And after living at a distance for a long time, they may become strangers to each other. To avoid this, you need to share everything that happens in your life with each other every day.

Separation from your significant someone doesn’t mean the end of your personal life. Of course, your loved one is a huge part of life, but you must have time for family, friends, and interesting hobbies. Develop your personality, stay open for new opportunities and horizons. Try something that you never did, for instance, yoga or painting.

Long business trips are not a reason to live separately. If your partner can’t go with you, plan your trip so that she could come to you anytime. After moving to another city some people feel lonely. But this feeling doesn’t last long, and soon the person adapts and thinks that living alone is not as bad as it seemed at first.

According to psychologists, some couples can solve their problems can by living separately for some time, but you should stay together for as long as you can. Try less talking to each other, leave home early and come back later, but it’s important to keep living together. Also, you should discuss some family issues concerning children, budget, and travel together. But even if you don’t speak to each other, you still live together and eventually, you’ll solve all your problems.

And the most important thing in any relationship at a distance it to believe that both of you have the chance for a future. And if you are sure you have met your true love, do not give up!