Twin Cities Get Ready for Kartika Purnima Celebrations


Bhubaneswar: Kartika Purnima is going to be observed across the state on Saturday, boat makers in the twin cities seen busy making handcrafted paper and thermocol boats for ‘Boita Bandana’, the ritual of sailing miniature boats.

The boat sellers in the cities have come up with interesting shapes and sizes of boats for the rituals.

One can find small boats prepared out of cardboard and wrapped with zari. Similarly, flags, and swan-shaped features are accentuated by glitter and sequins. Large boats prepared out of thermocol are also popular.

Shops in the capital also offers unique boats designs. From small ones that are priced at only Rs 2 to large ones that come for a few hundred rupees.

Apart from the paper and thermocol boats, many also go for the traditional boats created out of banana stem. The devotees who sail the boats decorate it with an earthen lamp and offerings such as bananas, flowers and coins and recite the verse ‘Aa ka ma boi while sailing it’. The event is observed near water bodies.

The festival also marks the end of a month-long abstinence from non-vegetarian food for most Odia families and the beginning of the Bali Yatra along the banks of Mahanadi river in Cuttack.