Konark Festival – 2017


Bhubaneswar: The five-day annual dance extravaganza, the Konark Dance Festival got off to a glittering start in the Open Air Auditorium on the backdrop of the mammoth Sun Temple with the Odissi recital by the dancers of Nupur Dance Academy of Bhubaneswar under the tutelage of Niranjan Rout and group on Thursday.

The inaugural presentation was followed by a scintillating Bharatanatyam recital by The Temple of Fine Arts, a dance troupe from Malaysia.

The second evening of the festival witnessed two magical performances from two noted dancers- Nirupama Rajendra of Bengaluru and Dona Ganguly from Kolkata. While Nirupama and her group from Abhinava Dance Company performed Kathak, Dona and her group from Diksha Manjari performed Odissi.

The programme started with Kathak recital. Nirupama and her group first performed the pure form of the classical dance based Natya Shastra.

Later the group performed Krishna Leela. The act narrated the story of Lord Krishna’s love and affection.

The last act of the group was Chaturanga based on dances of Lord Shiva and Parvati.

The next performance of the second evening was Odissi. Dona and her group narrated the evolution of the dance form through their acts. They showcased the history of the dance in their act ‘Journey through Odissi’.

The third evening of the festival witnessed brilliant choreographies in Odissi and Kuchipudi. While artistes of Sutra Foundation, Malayasia led by Guru Ramli Ibrahim performed Odissi, Vanashree Rao and her group from Rasa United, performed Kuchipudi.

The programme started with Odissi. A twenty-four member troupe presented a composition inspired by folk dances and music traditions of culturally rich Ganjam district of Odisha. The composition included Mangalacharan, Laxmi-Narasimha stutee, Sthai, Rama Bhajan, Yogini-Mokhshya.

The next performance of the third evening was Kuchipudi. Vanashree Rao and her group enthralled the audience with Ananda Tandav followed by Mahisasura Mardini, Pure dance Tillana and a prayer dance dedicated to lord Siva and Krishna.

The first performance of the fourth evening was by renowned artiste of Manipur style, Bimbabati Devi with her artistes of Manipuri Nartanalaya. The first item was Kathokchaba, that was followed by Saajat, Mahashakti, Vasanta and the traditional clap dance of Manipur.

The next performance was in Odissi by Daksha Mashruwala and artistes of Kaishiki that included Mangalacharan, Pallavi, Abinaya and Basanta.

The valedictory evening witnessed the touching Mohiniattam performance by Nalanda Dance Research Centre, Mumbai (Dr. Kanak Rele & Group) and Odissi by GKCM Odissi Research Centre, Bhubaneswar.

The Mohiniattam performance began with an invocatory on Lord Ganesha, which was followed by Ritu Duruva, presenting the cycle of seasons based on Natya Sashtra. The next recital was Chandan Charichita, the Asthapadi from Geeta Govinda. The concluding piece was Jeeva set to choreographic pattern.

The dance-drama in Odissi Ripu Parinama was appreciation by one and all. The choreography depicted six enemies of human beings – kama (lust), krodha (anger), lobha (avarice), moha (attachment), mada (pride) and mascharya (jealousy) which made the kings of the mythology face their doom.