MyoPlex Lite: Does It Work? Is It Safe?


Is it possible to cut the fat in the body without dieting and additional muscular activity? Some people say “Yes” and browse versatile diet supplements to become slimmer without efforts. Another category of consumers does not believe in magical properties of pharmaceutical products and paddle own canoe by reducing daily ration and sweating in the gym. There is also the third category, which takes the best from two previous ones. Thus, they combine the old school approach with contemporary innovations in supplemental nutrition.

We cannot say which approach is the most potent since a plenty of things has to be considered. Still, the potency of many diet additives is arguable. On this account, customers have to be especially attentive to what they choose for cardinal body reshaping.

Today, we are going to review a ready to drink beverage, which is claimed to promote weight reduction without damage to muscle mass. So, meet MyoPlex Lite review on

Powder or Drink?

In fact, both forms of the said brand are present on the market. Powder enjoys more popularity due to its versatility. Regardless of what form you choose, you obtain a product designed for weight management tasks namely recovery of musculature after exercising and reducing fat in the body. Unfortunately, such boastful claims are not always truthful. So, let’s begin our review with figures.

Nutrition Facts

MyoPlex is marketed as a meal replacement. So, the manufacturer compares its merchandise with such competitors as 18Shake, Isagenix and even Shakeology. We will not intrude into their wrangles and focus on data essential for customers.

A decent amount of protein is a prerequisite for any MR drink. The shake can boast of 25g of that essential nutrient. At the same time, the kcal rate is 180. It is neither big nor small compared to its competitors. Still, some points do raise concerns. The product is not free of soy and artificial components that decrease its rating on the market. Besides, the sodium content (380mg) is significantly high.

Yet, figures not always reflect the true potency of diet products. And the best source of truth is the actual customer’s opinion.

Customer’s Opinion

The MyoPlex rating on Amazon is 4.3 stars with 66% of top class reviews. Otherwise speaking, consumers like it and find it useful for their needs. The shake is applied as a go to protein shake or an MR drink. Despite the content of non¬organic ingredients, there is a scarce amount of side effects complaints. Negative reviews mostly deal with insufficient potency and failure to achieve expected results. Meanwhile, the vast majority of users praise the supplement for its effectiveness and taste.

Soy content is another frequently mentioned issue. That component causes doubts in people and hence scares off a sufficient share of potential consumers.

If you hesitate on whether to buy or not, we recommend you to make a profound analysis of the market and make a comparison with other brands. Those who experience no doubts in the efficiency of MyoPlex, we wish to achieve significant results.

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