Sisir Saras 2018


Bhubaneswar: Sisir Saras 2018, the annual fair for handicrafts, indigenous rural products organized by Odisha Rural Development and Marketing Society (ORMAS) has been inaugurated on January 05, 2017 at IDCO Exhibition Ground here.

The fair aims to provide a platform to the rural artisans to market their products..

The fair, in its fifteenth edition, has evolved both in stature and popularity. Rural producers and artisans from around 25 states from the country have put up their stalls. As many as 160 craftsmen from all the 30 districts of Odisha are taking part in the fair. The Odisha stalls exhibit some of the state’s best rural products such as terracotta handicrafts, home décor items made of seashells and paddy craft. The state’s Sambalpuri and ikkat print saris are also on display.

Sisir Saras 2017, the annual fair for handicrafts, indigenous rural products organized by ORMAS at IDCO exhibition ground inaugurated on January 05, 2017

Apart from the products mentioned above, intricate cane and bamboo works, delicate paper mache products, handicrafts made of carved wood and stone, dhokra crafts, durry carpets, dry flowers, wooden artefacts, jute bags, madhubani and pattachitra paintings are some of the major attractions at the fair.

Apart from this, apparels made from various hand-woven fabrics, including silk, tussar and cotton, are also available at the fair.

Another highlight of the fair is the availability a large number of natural food ingredients, including spices and items such as phula badi and sabu pampad. Visitors can also buy various homemade pickles prepared from mango, lemon, garlic etc.

Food kiosks selling traditional delicacies from various parts of the country are also available.

The organisers have set up a special stall for demonstration of the ‘Kotpad Handloom’. This organic and indigenous fabric exclusive to Kotpad area of Koraput was given the Geographical Indication (GI) Tag.

The exhibition will also have cultural performances by troupes from various states and Odisha during the evenings.

Sisir Saras ends on January 15.