Bhubaneswar Gears up to Celebrate Holi, Revellers Bank on Herbal Colours


Bhubaneswar: With just about three days to go, people in the twin cities of Bhubaneswar and Cuttack, as well as the rest of the state, are all set to flaunt their festive colours on the occasion of Dola Purnima and Holi.

On the occasion of Dola Purnima, Odias, will play Holi with the divine. The idols of Lord Krishna will be carried in processions from nearby temples to local households, where the deities will be treated to sweets, flowers and colours. Apart from this, Dola Melana will be observed with vibrant music of kirtan mandalis observing Dola Jatra.

Revellers across the state are banking on herbal and organic colours to enjoy Holi with no worries for skin damage or any other allergies. Non-toxic colours and powders of various shades made of natural ingredients like from roots, leaves, flowers and other parts of plants are available in Bhubaneswar in malls as well as roadside kiosks.

Apart from colours, there is a wide range of Holi related accessories that is finding takers from all age groups. Masks, wigs including the colourful Malinga wigs, caps and sunglasses also have their own charm.

The ‘pichkaris’ or water guns are also in demand amongst the kids.

Holi will be celebrated on Friday.