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As Mercury Rises, It’s Desi Coolers in Bhubaneswar to Beat the Heat


Bhubaneswar: It is just March, but the mercury has started shooting up phenomenally making life uncomfortable. As the mercury inches to newer highs this season, like elsewhere, to beat the scorching heat, the residents of the temple city are opting for traditional drinks that are healthy as well.

Let’s explore some drinks that are trending this season.

Topping the charts of desi coolers is the lassi – curd mixed with crushed ice and sugar. Topped with rabri and mixed with cashew and raisin, a glass of lassi is a soothing drink on any summer day. A number of juice and lassi centres have been come up in various parts of the city.

Juices made from apples, grapes and pineapples are also getting popular.

Several shops offering buttermilk have also come up in the city. The demand for buttermilk has gone up considerably largely because it is healthy and non-fattening. Again, what makes it a favourite is the refreshing savoury flavour spiked with spices. The mix of roasted cumin powder and black salt in smooth buttermilk works well for parched throat.

Bel pana, the traditional juice made from a blend of fruits, water, milk, pulp of bela (stone apple), curd and sugar, is also popular during summers despite of other cold beverages.

Sugarcane juice and watermelon sellers have put up makeshift kiosks on pavements across the city. People are also opting for the juicy and refreshing watermelon.

Jal jeera, a great concoction of herbs and spices also works like magic in summer. It has cumin, black salt, tamarind and a minty zing that keeps you refreshed and upbeat.

Another very popular option is the coconut water. The natural beverage is packed with electrolytes, essential minerals and all necessary nutrients that can keep dehydration at bay. Several vendors also go around the city on bicycles selling green coconut.

Lemonade, typically made with lemon juice, mixed with water and sugar/honey is easy to make and contains vital nutrients such as vitamin A, C, E and B6, iron and riboflavin.

Besides, many coffee shops or restaurants across the city offer cold coffee, ice-tea, smoothies, fruit-based milkshakes along with other summer drinks.

Like in the past, colas and other fizzy drinks are also the choice for some.