Photo Exhibition on Famine of 1866 Inaugurated


Bhubaneswar: An exhibitionion of photographs, sketches and newspaper reports on the great Orissa famine of 1866 also called as ‘Na Anka Durvikhya’ (or nine number famine), which affected millions of people in the state, was inaugurated at the State Archives premises here today.

The 1866 famine is a landmark in the history of the state. It is said that nearly one-third of the population of coastal areas perished in the natural calamity.

Some of the rare displays included newspaper reports published overseas during 1866-68 along with sketches, cartoons, drawings and photographs have been put up at the exhibition. They shed new light of the conditions and the suffering of the people.

The exhibition will give youngsters, research scholars and educationists insight into how the famine spread and affected millions of people.