TimeCaptis – The Free Time Tracking and Information Management Tool, That Will Make It Easier for You to be More Conscientious and Efficient


No matter whether you run your own business, you work for a company or you are a freelancer, your time is always on the top of your mind that dictates your activities throughout the day and determines your overall productivity.

To schedule your time, you may rely on a calendar app or a meeting scheduler tool. Time tracking applications can help boost your productivity by showing you exactly where all your time was spent, perhaps identifying areas where you can be more efficient and save time. However, between work, activities, appointments, and ever-growing to-do lists, you may constantly feel rushed and anxious. So, to organize your life more efficiently what you will need is a tool that not only allows you to keep track of the time you spend, but also that allows you to manage Calendars, Tasks, Notes, Clients, Contacts, To-Dos etc, where all your data is interconnected and is available in one tool. If you have ever thought to yourself about this, this article may be for you.

What if we tell you there is a handy little tool called Time Captis that can help you be even more conscientious and efficient? TimeCaptis is a time tracking and information manager app, with a slightly different approach to time tracking. TimeCaptis includes a breadth of features that provides users the ability to keep tabs on their day-to-day activities from anywhere, anytime and on any device.

With Time Captis you can record time spent on different activities, find tasks faster, add, assign, prioritize, track progress and leave Note on a task, get an overview of all your tasks and activities/events in daily, weekly and monthly views, add and schedule repeating events, manage all of your clients and contacts from one place and make it always available, add notes to your time entries for clients, add and manage to-dos and memo. Time Captis also offers filtering options and the ability to generate customizable reports that can be exported to Excel or PDF and can also be used for accounting purpose.

Apart from using Time Captis on the web, you can also download the mobile apps for Android, and iOS and can start using it in your latest smartphones. Both work the same way. The apps sync instantly with the web app, so you can move between devices seamlessly.

With TimeCaptis you get access to exhaustive documentation and online help resources to resolve any issues that you may have. You can browse through the how-to articles and videos that offer step-by-step instructions on all features and functionalities of TimeCaptis.

The basic features are all free. Additional features, such as adding more users to your account, will cost you. But to start with, the free version is just fine. Sign up today and be more productive.