Odisha Celebrates Raja Festival with Pithas and Paans


Bhubaneswar: Pahili Raja is being celebrated across Odisha today, with lots of fun and joy. Young girls wearing new colourful dresses can be seen playing on the swings in different places on this festive occasion.

Raja, the most important festival of Odisha, is celebrated for three days. Pahili Raja, Raja Sankranti and Bhuindahana. It is associated with farmers and is celebrated during the onset of monsoon. No agricultural activities are carried out on these three days.

It is also believed that prithvi or the earth gets her menstrual cycle during this three days once in a year and the women celebrates it with special Raja. During this three days, women are not supposed to cook or cut any kind of vegetables. They take bath in turmeric water and wear new dresses everyday and engage themselves with playing different games like cards, ludo, etc.

On the festive occasion, the Odisha Tourism Development Corporation has made a special arrangement at Bhubaneswar Panthanivas to celebrate this festival in a traditional way with beautiful swings decorated with marigold flowers and fresh green leaves, paans and all kinds of traditional Odia cakes including poda, kakara, seejha pura manda, chakuli, arisha, raja pana, dahi bara, khira gaja and more.

Similarly the cine buffs are also enjoying a visual treat with two new Odia movies – multi-starrer ‘4 idiots’ featuring Sabyasachi Mishra, Akash Dasnayak, Kuna Tripathy, Papu Pom Pom, Elina Samantaray, Poonam Mishra, Chandni and Lipsa Mishra & Tarang Cine Productions’ ‘Sundergarh Ra Salman Khan’ featuring chocolate boy Babushan, Mihir Das, Bobby Mishra, Papu Pom Pom and Usasi Mishra. Debutant Divya is the female lead of the movie opposite Babushan.

A special dance program ‘Nrutya Prativa Raja Utsav’ was organised at Rabindra Mandap, here. A number of cultural activities have also been organised across the state on the occasion of Raja.