Ideas to Give Back to the Man Who Gave Everything to You


We always take into account all that a mother does for her children. But how many times we take into consideration father’s sacrifice for his family? He is the one who literally slogs and spends all that he has just to give his children the best things in the world. With Father’s Day just around the corner isn’t it only right that you do something special for this man who gave everything to you? Here are some ideas to say thank you to this special man in your life.

1. Buy Him a New Gadget

Most men love gadgets and your father might also be one of them. But in order to give you the best he must have put his desires aside. But now it is your turn to buy him some expensive gadgets. If he still has that old fashioned mobile phone then go ahead and get him a smartphone. If he is tech savvy then it will be a good idea to buy him a laptop or tablet.

2. Branded Clothes for the Exceptional Man

He bought you the best clothes and the best shoes while he himself just managed with those few clothes that he had. You can get him some branded clothes and branded accessories. Limited edition watches and shoes along with some cool looking apparel from a top brand are the perfect gift for your father dearest.

3. Exotic Vacation

He never thought once while paying for your school trips and college excursions then isn’t it your turn to take him for a vacation. Book a package tour for your parents to a wonderful destination. You can send them to any place in India or if your budget permits then you can even opt for a foreign destination.

4. Get him a Vehicle of his Choice

All his life he opted for crowded trains and buses so that he can save money for his family. In his old age, try to make his life more comfortable. Gift him a two wheeler or four wheeler in which he can travel comfortably.

5. Invest for His Security

As kids grow up and settle in different cities for career they are preoccupied with thoughts about their parent’s health. Well, sounds unfashionable though but gifting a life insurance or a health plan to your father is quite possibly one of the best gifts you can choose for him.

You can also consider, buying a pension plan, if he is close to retirement. You can invest lump sum amount in an immediate pension plan from any of the life insurance companies. Immediate annuity or pension plans will provide additional income to your father, who has invested a lot in you.

6. Books

The book is a person’s best companion to avoid boredom. If your father is a book worm, gift him some self enhancement books. Based on his liking you can gift a set of books, he can spend some quality time with.

More interesting would be to give him a Kindle or e-book reader, which he can carry everywhere. Think of it as allowing him to carry his whole library everywhere he goes.

7. Accessories

Consider a nice neck tie. Pick a tie which is in his favourite colour. You may buy a Wireless Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones that help him take his music wherever he goes.

Father is the unsung hero of every child’s life. He struggles and works hard for his family. It is your responsibility to keep him happy and make his life secured in the twilight years of his life. You know your father’s choice, so the perfect gift will surely spring in your mind.