Agrarian Festival of Western Odisha ‘Nuakhai’, Celebrated with Fervour


Bhubaneswar: People in Odisha Friday celebrated the agricultural festival Nuakhai with enthusiasm, offering the first harvest of the season to god.

As per the ‘Lagna’, the season’s first crop ‘Nabanna’ was offered to Goddess Samaleswari, the presiding deity of Sambalpur.

Devotees made a beeline outside the Samaleswari Temple to witness the ‘Nabanna Lagi’ ceremony and offer puja to the Goddess.

According to the age-old tradition, the head of the family worshipped the presiding deity and offered rice and other delicacies. Then the prasad is distributed ‘nabarna’ (rice cooked from the new harvest) to the rest of the family members who then consume the new food grain together.