‘Tapaswini’ Staged to Rave Reviews in Bhubaneswar


Bhubaneswar: “Tapaswini”, the epic poem of poet Gangadhar Meher, was performed into a play at Rabindra Mandap, here on Monday.

With nimble footwork and refined gestures, the artistes who took the stage to represent the various characters, enthralled the theater lovers and left them spellbound.

“Tapaswini”, considered as the most expansive work of Meher, stretches up to 11 cantos. It recounts the events of the Ramayan from the perspective of Sita, who was banished from Ayodhya. She was forced to take shelter at the hermitage of Valmiki where she became a “Tapaswini”.

The poem portrays different shades of Sita’s character in a beautiful manner. She is depicted as the devoted wife, who accompanies Ram, her husband, while he is exiled for 14 years. She is illustrated as a patient wife awaiting Ram’s arrival to save her from Ravan. She is also portrayed as the forgiving Indian wife whose husband abandoned her.