Men’s Hockey World Cup: Mascot ‘Olly’ Unveiled at Puri Beach


Bhubaneswar: The Sports and Youth Services Department of the Odisha Government unveiled the official mascot of Men’s Hockey World Cup 2018 ‘Olly’ at Puri beach on Tuesday. The World Cup trophy was also launched along with the mascot.

‘Olly was seen doing the rounds near the beach, riding a jet ski, wooing the onlookers. Later, after the launch event, ‘Olly’ was seen indulged in a photo session with ardent hockey fans on the beautiful sandy coastlines of Puri.

Alongside the promotion of the event, the mascot aims to raise awareness about the conservation of the Olive Ridley turtle, which is said to be on the verge of extinction in the state of Odisiha. From the games perspective, Olly personifies the spirit of sportsmanship and encourages the participants to play the sport with complete fairness and in the right spirit.