Manch Pravesh of Shimran Zaman Organised by Suravi Odissi Dance Ensemble


Bhubaneswar: Connoisseurs of Odissi dance and music had a pleasant surprise in Odisha’s capital city as Shimran Zaman, disciple of Guru Pitambar Biswal of Suravi Odissi Dance Ensemble, staged her manch pravesh (debut performance) at Jaydev Bhawan, here on Friday.

It was an evening that blended rhythm and movement of Odissi dance with moments of personal pride and joy, for both the disciple and her guru.

The items were crisp and precise in their presentation. The dance compositions, the music, the stage decor and the general ambience of the evening molded themselves well to make it a memorable performance.

Manch Pravesh is a culminating event for students of Odissi dance. Usually, after seven to ten years of dedication to the art of Odissi, students receive the honor of performing in a Manch Pravesh as and when approved by the teacher.