People across Odisha Celebrate Kumar Purnima


Bhubaneswar: The capital city celebrated Kumar Purnima, which also marks the beginning of 11 days of Gajalaxmi Puja across the state today.

On this day, young girls fast for the day wishing for a handsome husband. They start the puja early in the morning by offering prayer to the sun and in the evening to the moon. They spend the whole day enjoying amid friends and merry-making. They also play a number of traditional games like Puchi.

In the evening the girls take bath again, wear new dress and perfors puja infront of Tulsi plant with Khai (Fried rice) in hand and offer Anjuli (folded hands) seven times, seeing the full moon. After the puja is finished the girls break their fast and have food.

With the passage of time, the tradition has lost some of its charm as city girls do not find enough time to indulge in the elaborate rituals. However, in a bid to keep the tradition alive, a number of cultural programmes were organised by various organizations.