.FEST: Traditional Dance Performances and Music Leaves Audience Spellbound


Bhubaneswar: The Day 4, of the ongoing Bhubaneswar City Festival ‘.FEST‘ witnessed traditional dance performances from four states of India namely Assam, Punjab, Manipur and Jammu & Kashmir, and musical performance by singer, Sohini Mishra that left the audience spellbound.

While the performers of Bihu adorned in traditional Assamese attire depicted the culture of Assam with energetic dance steps and hand movements, the Bhangra dance performers symbolized the joyous celebrations of Punjab.

The Manipuri martial arts, popularly known as Thang-Ta performed by the trained artistes with various weapons and fire, also left the audience amazed.

Rauf, a folk dance form Jammu & Kashmir was also appreciated by the audience for its uniqueness and beauty.

After all the individual dance performances, all the artistes from all the four states came together on the stage, to showcase the unity of our tradition and culture.

On Day 5, the audience will get the opportunity to watch the solo performance by renowned Odissi dancer, Aruna Mohanty and a group performance of 80 dancers that is choreographed by her.