Cultural Melange at Mayurbhanj Utsav – 2019


Bhubaneswar: People of the capital city thronged Utkal Mandap here to feel the cultural heritage of Mayurbhanj district as the three-day Mayurbhanj Utsav kicked off today.

The festival has three components – cultural programme, craft mela and cuisine fairs. Organised by Mayurbhanj Cultural Association, the Utsav attracted attention of the visitors for mudhi mansa, its unique culinary delight from the district for non-vegetarians.

Similaly, the vegetarians can get the taste of mouthwatering dishes like Dala Khechudi and Ram Ruchuka curry of the district.

Besides, the Utsav displayed the metal craft, the stone ware of Khiching, the tesar textile products, pressed khali leaf, sabai grass and other forest products.

The sounds of drumbeats reverberated in the Utsav venue as the artistes performed Chhau, Mayurbhanj’s folk dance. Performance of melodious Jhumar songs by artistes in the festival mesmerized the audience.