Sand Dust Art on Freedom Fighters, Demon King Kansa Major Attractions at Patha Utsav


Bhubaneswar: Sand dust and rangoli arts on freedom fighters and
demon king Kansa’s theatricality were a major attraction at “Patha Utsav“, the state capital’s weekly cultural street festival on Sunday.

With only one day left for Netaji Jayanati on January 23, the main theme of this weeks’ event was “Freedom Fighters of Odisha.”

As a tribute, artistes of DPR Art Live created portraits of freedom fighters using sand dust.

Similarly, artiste Itishree Dixit and her troupe made rangoli arts on freedom fighters and drew a map of Odisha highlighting the birth places of freedom fighters.

Artistes from Artecion also created beautiful paintings on freedom struggle using water colours.

Another attraction of the event was Kansa, being played by BK Debata, in the ongoing 11-day Bargarh Dhanu Yatra festival.