An Introduction to SAI International Residential School, Bhubaneswar


By Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo

SAI International Residential School (SIRS) is the manifestation of my dream to provide the state with a fully Residential School, which would be a perfect nurturing abode for quality education. The achievement of my students of SAI International School inspired me to create this wonderful school. When I saw that with just eight hours of nurturing my students could soar to such high level of success, I thought of the impact it would create if they are nurtured all 24X7 and with a 360-degree edge to education. Simultaneously I felt that the state needs to have a Residential School in line with the best boarding schools of the country like Doon School, Welhams Girl’s School, CIRS, Rishi Valley etc. I can proudly say that SIRS has become an asset for the State.

We envisioned it to be a School for future leaders and accordingly made the Vision of SIRS as ‘To be a centre of knowledge for thought leaders of tomorrow’. Our Mission became to provide holistic education and enlightenment to every child and encourage them to develop a strong sense of self, an understanding of cultures and an appreciation of the diversity of the human experience.

It was a real challenge for me to design the curriculum as today’s generation are no longer satisfied being the passive recipient of education. The rapidly growing technology has redefined the knowledge requirements of students. It took me and my team a couple of years to meticulously design the dynamic curriculum so as to support the students in broadening their horizon by infusing requisite skills to become global citizens. We also took immense care to ensure that the Indian values which is our core strength should be strengthened in the children and they learn in a joyful environment.

Our entire curriculum is based on Seven Principals and that is to encourage each student to be lifelong learners, become self-disciplined, be responsible, develop confidence, become thought leaders, persuaders of social welfare as well as be humble and compassionate people. We call SIRS, the ‘Global Gurukul’, as it has a strong International character and where students gain the advantages of diverse learning processes deeply rooted in Indian values akin to the Guru Shishya Parampara.

A serene and tranquil environment has a positive impact on students and for which I zeroed in on Chandka forest as the ideal site. SIRS is built across three hillocks in a spiritually energized environ, that gives it a picturesque ambience and make it unique. SIRS soon turned out to be a beautiful sprawling campus with magnificent buildings and thoughtful interiors. It became the perfect ambience to nurture students. We were also lucky to get the support of experienced, dedicated and most importantly motivated teachers. Finally, my dream school was inaugurated on Monday April 2, 2018 by none other than Chief Minister Shri Naveen Patnaik.

SIRS is a CBSE affiliated School that offers a myriad of unparalleled opportunities for students to explore and skill themselves with handholding support from expert mentors.  Here while eight hours in a day is devoted to academics, seven hours are spent on sports, yoga and other co-scholastic activities and a whole nine hours for rest. We take care of the nutritional needs of the growing students through healthy food prepared under the strict supervision of experienced nutritionist. It is carefully prepared by a professional catering service and served in a sanitized, well ventilated cafeteria.

Meditation and Yoga is an integral part of the curriculum and students get up at 5.30 in the morning for this activity followed by brief exercise to energize their body, mind and soul and prepare them for the day’s activities. Students have a great learning experience through well-articulated and planned pedagogy, open communication with teachers, peer learning and personalized teaching. Through various real-life activities, students are inspired and encouraged to develop a pursuit for lifelong learning. We have Hi-tech laboratories like various Science and Maths Labs, Robotics, International language and Art and Craft lab.  We have an extensive library which houses more than 5000 books, magazines, newspapers in many languages. We also have a Digital library to help the students and teachers.

We have an impressive sports stadium which has a 400-meter track with eight lanes for all track and field events, a football ground and two basketball courts of appropriate dimensions. It has a sitting capacity of more than 2500 people and can hold international events. We have SAI Cricket League, SAI Basketball League and SAI Football League, wherein students from SAI International School, SAI International College of Commerce and SIRS participate.

Our co-scholastic activities are strengthened through various Club activities. To foster Leadership skills, we conduct various workshops, SAI Netritva camp and Educursion programmes. We have an in-house radio station, Radio Orange 99.9 and in-house audio-visual production unit, SAI TV which is loved by students.   

To provide worldwide exposure to the students on International academia, Global Immersion Programmes are to be conducted to USA, UK, Singapore, China, Dubai etc., on a yearly basis. Students have already gone to Singapore. We also invite eminent personalities across various spheres to inspire them.

We provide separate air-conditioned hostels with swimming pools for boys and girls along with proper security to make sure that students enjoy a pleasant stay. Our caring House Masters, House Wardens along with Headmaster and other teachers make them feel at home.

For us, each child is special and is a potential achiever and we commit to help each child to reach his or her own highest potential level. We commit to enable and endow each of them with transformational knowledge and skills to face challenges with precision and dignity. Our constant strive would be to provide the best learning experience and capacitate them to be the leaders of tomorrow, endowed with confidence, great potential and holistic values.

I am grateful to all the parents for entrusting your child in our hands and believing in our leadership and vision. We commit to excel beyond your expectation.