4-day Comedy Drama Festival by Srishti Theatres in Bhubaneswar


Bhubaneswar: Theatre lovers of the city are in for a treat as artistes are showcasing comedy plays at the ongoing 4-day Comedy Drama Festival at Rabindra Mandap, here.

Organized by Srishti Theatres, the festival will conclude on March 12.

The inaugural evening of the festival featured “Bai Chadheira Dena” performed by artistes of city-based Naveen Barnali theatre group and written and directed by Naveen Kumar Parida. The play draws a comparison between a sparrow’s survival strategies and that of the poor people in the social strata. It explains how a sparrow that is small in size makes its nest on top of the palm trees. Similarly, the downtrodden people in our society can also reach new heights with the right spirit and effort.

On the second evening of the festival, the play “Banchhara Bagicha” was staged by the artistes of Satabdira Kalakara – a premier theatre institute of the State. The play was written by Manoj Mitra, adopted by Dhira Mallick and Directed by Darpa Narayan Sethi.

The third evening showcased the play “Thia Palla” that was staged by the artistes of the theatre troupe, Panchamveda. The play, written by Shankar Tripathy is directed by veteran Haren Sahoo. The play showed how nursing homes and hospitals are playing with human lives for their own benefit.

The concluding evening of the festival shall feature “Taari Laagi” to be staged by the artistes of Utkal Theatre. The play, written by Dr. Bijay Mishra is directed by Kailash Mohapatra.