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Odias Celebrate ‘Pakhala Divas’


Bhubaneswar: Odias across the globe today celebrated, promoted and cherished Pakhala – an Odia term for cooked rice washed or fermented in water, terming it as “Pakhala Divas“.

To beat the heat, Pakhala is prepared with cooked rice put in water, better known as Torani seasoned with curd and lemon and also with cumin seeds, mint leaves and fried onion.

Many restaurants in Bhubaneswar also celebrated the day by offering special menu on Pakhala along with a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian accompaniments like Dahi Baigana, Kakharu Phula Bhaja, Aloo Bharta, Fried Fish/Prawns, Saaga Bhaja etc.

Thousands of people took to various social networking sites to share stories of their attachment with Pakhala.