5 Delicacies Of Odisha You Need To Taste!


The land of Lord Jagannath is deeply en-rooted with culture. It is located on the eastern coast and is also known as “The Soul of India.”

Odisha has a lot to offer. The state is a mix of varied and mesmerizing landscapes, exotic cultures and architectural brilliance.  

What else does Odisha have to offer?

Odisha is well known for its delicacies too. Here the cuisine is simple but savory, prepared in little or no oil at all which not only makes it tasty but very healthy as well.

In Odisha, you will find a mix of non – vegetarian and vegetarian dishes along with mouth-watering sweets.

What are the five must-try delicacies of Odisha?

Pilaf (Also known as Pulao in various places)

Pilaf is a rice dish, and it is served with broth. The rice is sauteed lightly in oil which gives the rice the golden brown color. The dish varies depending on the culture.

It is a staple dish in Carribean and middle eastern cuisines.


Dal has always been an important part of Indian cuisine. However, this dish comes with a twist as it’s not like a usual dal, it is prepared with roasted moong dal without any garlic or onion. A few spices along with a couple of veggies are added to it to give the Dalma a luscious flavor. Mostly Dalma is consumed with rice.

Pakhala Bhata

Pakhal Bhata is a very simple and authentic odia dish consumed as daily lunch in almost every household in Odisha during the summer season. It is also believed that Pakhala Bhata prevents heat stroke.

It is said that this dish was originated in the Lord Jagannath’s temple. This dish is prepared with cooked rice little fermented in water and has many variations such as Basi Pakhala, Dahi Pakhala, and Jeera Pakhala. It is mostly served with fried fish or roasted veggies.


In other states, it is called as Khichdi. The dish is easy to make and serves as a wholesome meal. Khicede is one of the most important dishes in Odisha as it is offered as the main bhog to Lord Jagannath at the most famous Puri temple.

Khicede is the perfect combination of rice and lentils cooked together in ghee, and it is full of nutrition. It is mostly served with curd and papad.

Chenna Poda

The most famous sweet of Odisha, or rather we should say Odisha’s traditional cheesecake.  

“Chenna Poda is known to be Lord Jagannath’s, favorite sweet.”

How is it made?

The cottage cheese is mixed semolina and baked for several hours until it turns red in color. The caramelized sugar gives a distinct flavor to the dish.

You can easily find this dish in every nook and corner in Odisha.

The list doesn’t end with these five dishes only, Odisha has many more dishes to satiate your appetite which comes from different regions of the state.

Many other dishes and sweet that you can eat are Kanika, Macha Ghanta, Rasabali, Dahi Kanji and Dahi Maacha.

Bon Appetit!