Music Jugalbandi at Udayagiri-Khandagiri Caves

Music jugalbandi at Udayagiri Khandagiri Caves:

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Sashikant joined the 70th Monks, Caves and Kings among others.

For the first time the heritage trail at the Twin Hills saw a unique ‘jugalbandi’ of music as Sushant played the tabla and Sashikant came up with a fine rendition of ‘Vabani dayani..’ in Raag Bhairavi and Taal Jamtal. All the walkers at Monks, Caves and Kings enjoyed the ‘jugalbandi’ of music, history, archaeology and tales of the rulers of the great Kalingan Empire.

Music jugalbandi at Udayagiri Khandagiri Caves:

While the morning hours at the Twin Hills of Khandagiri remained cool, filled with divinity and the guide narrating a series of interesting stories to the first-time visitors, the other visitors were also found glued to the tales as they also saw some rare evidences like the famous Hatigumpha Inscription and the historic caves, probably created for the Jain monks at Udayagiri.