4 Basic Indian Gravies That Are the Base of Indian Cuisine


By Apurba Rath

Indian traditional cuisine gives the picture and the sentiments of enticing food saturated with different fragrant spices and sauces. Gravy can be termed as the soul of Indian cuisine. The greater part of the Indian dishes share certain ingredients which are the signature taste, body and tantalising taste.

Basic Tomato Gravy
This fundamental onion-tomato gravy is the base for most curries over all states, regardless of whether it be a butter chicken, butter paneer masala, chettinad chicken or an egg curry. Ace this and you open the way to at any rate 80% of the subjis made in India. It’s blasphemy not to realize how to make this, however the best part is its genuine simple peasy. Make this gravy and tossed in some fried paneer and green peas for a decent Mutter Paneer. Or on the other hand, cook it with chicken pieces or hardboiled eggs for a fundamental chicken/egg curry. This is likewise the gravy utilized for chole and the restaurant style dum-aloo.

White Gravy
This is a tasty gravy with all the creamy richness of ground cashewnuts and poppyseeds. You can swap the finger-licking cream for milk, to lay off some calories. As you know, this simple gravy beats the ‘must-learn’ list as it has the ability to change a basic dinner into gourmet one. This white gravy is the reason for guilty pleasures like Malai Kofta, Methi Mutter Malai and that acclaimed Rajasthani regal dish, Safed Maas (mutton). They go above and beyond in Safed Maas to keep everything white by including white pepper powder rather than the standard red chili powder.

Brown-Onion Gravy
This impressive, finger-licking gravy has all the caramelized amazingness of browned onions. What’s more, in the event that you are making a few curries to inspire your visitors, at that point make a point to incorporate this among them since it has a particular taste that truly emerges and makes the eaters hold returning for additional. Cook this gravy with mutton pieces and a basic expansion of saunf powder and voila! You have Kashmiri Mutton Rogan Josh. Obviously, if you’re a vegan, or don’t eat mutton, it’s not an issue. Simply include fried paneer or vegetables or koftas and you could even add boiled kabuli chana to make ‘Chole with a Twist’.

Palak Gravy
This is easy to make and it’s extremely healthy as well. Obviously, you realize that you can make palak paneer from this essential gravy. Yet, did you realize you can also add boiled chana to it to make chana palak or pour this over cooked chicken or mutton? Mutton Palak is something that numerous individuals think can be discovered distinctly in eateries. Also, whip this restaurant style amazing recipe at home and you will clearly win a few hearts. Likewise, you lay off the garam masala, substitute the curd for milk and include more garlic, you have an amazing style spinach soup prepared!

So, which one of these gravies is your favourite? Comment below!